The Joy of the LORD is my Strength

Our Father, the Joy of the LORD is my Strength…Knowing God’s Right Hand of Protection, Promise, Preparation and Provision rests on us. There are times we might not understand all God is (or isn’t) doing, but the Essence of our Faith is Trusting in Him through His Word. The Bible says: Though I walk in the midst of trouble, You will Revive me; You will Stretch forth Your Hands against the wrath of my enemies, and Your Right Hand will Save me. Psa. 138:7. #OurFatherIsSayingToEachOfUs #TakeMyHandAndLetMe #TakeOverTheSituationOrCondition #IWillTakeOverTheCircumstance #BecauseAllPowerIsInMyHand #AndIWillStretchForthMyHand  #ToAccomplishWhatConcernsYou                #TrustingInTheLordWithAllMyHeart.


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February 15, 2023