About Eye of God Deliverance Ministries

Apostle Dr. Eleanor Nichols, Founder

In 2005, Dr. Nichols founded the Eye of GOD Christian Fellowship Int’l, as well as the Eye of God Deliverance Prayer Ministries. For the past 16 years as CEO, Dr. Nichols has been a passionate leader with vision, extraordinary talents and a universal message of “Jesus is the Answer.”

Dr. Nichols is a proactive and committed church leader, effectively providing leadership and direction to members and volunteers. Dr. Nichols’ pastoral care, motivational skills and strong behavioral management techniques that effectively inspires and encourages members to function at their highest level were developed throughout her goal-oriented tenure developing and leading comprehensive intercessory and evangelical growth ministry programs based on the church’s key values and mission statement. As a result of her passion and contributions, there continues to be healing deliverances.

During the last twenty-five years, Dr. Nichols has followed God’s path by receiving direction and instructions upon the path that she has and is traveling to Glorify God being of service as the National Executive Director of God Rivers of Life Fellowship, Pastor/Prophetess of Eye of GOD Christian Fellowship Int’l Ministries, Dean of Biblical Education of the Executive Board of Kristi T. Wheeler Ministries (CA), as well as an ordained Apostle, Elder, Evangelist and Prophetess.

A Church Without Walls

The Eye of God Ministries has been operating as a Church without Walls for the last 10 years. The Eye of God Ministry eagerly seeks to be a light in the darkness of this fallen world and as it is led by the movement of the Holy Spirit, seeks to step on the head of the devil and to bind back to the abyss, everything that has come to hinder, stop or block the work of God’s power in the lives of His people.

Eye of God Ministries calls forth healing and deliverance into the lives of God’s people through:

“the effective and fervent prayers of the righteous that availeth much”

~James 5:16


2x Daily Prayer Line


Sunday Tele Services


Annual Prayer Conferences

Bringing the Word of God

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