Black Girls for Italy: Raising Global Leaders 2023

This young group of potential future leaders has been allowed to travel to Rome, Italy, for a complete immersion and cultural experience. Please consider donating as they boldly aspire to make their mark on the world! Your contributions will help to shape a brighter future across cultures.

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Our journey to becoming inquisitive global citizens began in kindergarten when we started learning the Chinese language and culture. Now at 16 years old, fluent in Mandarin, and venturing on to the following country and culture – ITALY!

These moments don’t come along very often, but they are the perfect opportunity to build good foreign relations with countries such as Italy. And to be successful at that, we must start with young minds to better understand each other’s cultures. It is difficult to change the perspectives of adults that may have already formed opinions and beliefs about one another, but kids are more open to understanding differences. We want to seize these opportunities to improve our world, and this Italy trip is a pioneering step in that process. Many of our youngsters aspire to be lawyers, architects, doctors, and engineers, but they also desire to become world leaders, activists, actors, scientists, and musicians, and we want to give them every opportunity to be the best at whatever they want to achieve in life but at the same time, have fun doing it!

Please give often and generously, but EVERYTHING helps. We can only do this with your support!

June 16, 2023

They were transformed entirely and are now thriving 9th graders and global citizens who speak fluent Chinese. We believe in the power of travel and language to create compassionate, strong leaders and are nurturing peacemakers and change agents. Watch below. Be inspired and support these kids. They are not all guaranteed to go as the trip is costly, but we will not stop!