GOD Provides for All our needs

ur Father, GOD Provides for All our needs, Makes a way for us, Performs Miracles, Keeps His Promises, and Defeats darkness with His Light. GOD Who Moves through the earth via the Holy Spirit living in us as Believers…Who Supplies All our needs. The Bible says: For God, Who said, “Light Shall Shine out of darkness,” is the One Who has Shone in our hearts to Give the Light of the Knowledge of the Glory of God in the face of Christ. 2 Cor. 4:6. #OurFatherOfHeavenAndEarth  #WeSayThankYouLordJesus #ForBeingTheLightOfTheWorld #ThatBroughtUsOutOfDarkness  #AndIntoYourMarvelousLight #HeWhoSuppliesAllOurNeeds


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February 16, 2023