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STUDY ABROAD in Rome, Italy! 2023 Exploring History & Culture

Our journey to becoming inquisitive global citizens began in kindergarten when we started learning Chinese language and culture. Now we’re 16 years old, fluent in Mandarin, and venturing on to the next country and culture – ITALY! Being accepted in the CIEE Study Abroad Program is a blessing and we are so grateful for the opportunity. At a very young age we learned that understanding other cultures and being explorers of world is the greatest education there is.

We can’t wait to visit the land of Renaissance known for its beautiful language, exquisite architecture, and world-famous art and cuisine. We are eager to explore the museums and cathedrals, attend local festivals, and eat delicious, authentic cuisines. Six days a week, we will spend five hours in classes — taught solely in Italian — at a local public school to get us up to speed. 2023 is looking bright!

Because of this high quality program, the cost is significant so we must raise funds to cover lodging and flight expenses. We have saved birthday money, part-time job money, Christmas money and allowance money but we are still a long way from our goal! Any donations toward our trip is an investment in future leaders that will give back to the world and our community in a major way! Thank you for your interest in reading about our journey. More to come!


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February 21, 2023