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October 04, 2020

Prophetess Eleanor Nichols YouTube Channel Link – Prophetess Eleanor Nichols (Subscribe)*VA Click on Prophetess Eleanor Nichols or read more to allow access to YouTube Channel

72 Hour Prayer Revival

Category: Prayer, Spiritual Warfare, Spritual Growth / Speaker: E. Nichols
February 06, 2018

It was truly an awesome experience that we shared at Pastor Rose Banner Ministries on Thursday – Sunday, January 11-14, 2018. We experienced Divine Deliverance and Healing into the lives of God’s people. There were...

What Makes You Royalty?

Category: Spritual Growth / Speaker: E. Nichols
July 09, 2017

It’s not about what’s on the outside that makes a person royalty but rather, what’s on the inside.  Watch now as Prophetess Eleanor “Lady E” Nichols gets down with the message of our royal heritage...

Christ Paid the Penalty

Category: Relationship / Speaker: E. Nichols
October 12, 2016

It is ONLY by faith alone in the finished work of Jesus Christ on the cross of Calvary that we may be saved but it is up to us to appropriate all that God has...

RAW without Limits Summit

Category: Spritual Growth / Speaker: E. Nichols
August 30, 2016

A Remnant Armed for Warfare Without Limits Summit and called forth by God, where He summoned the warriors to stand persistent in battle and battling for the nation. As throughout the Bible: God searched for...

Prayers of the Righteous