Our Father, in the Name of Jesus, we thank You for the love of the mothers you have given us,
whose love is so precious that it can never be measured,
whose patience seems to have no end.

Our Father, we thank You for watching over the mothers who have during a pandemic stood strong and trusting in Jesus through it all. Bless those who have lost their loved ones and still believing by Faith in Jesus Christ that they will overcome. Bless them Heavenly Father, as the Comforter of all Comforters, like only Yon can.

There are those who are anticipating the birth of their child, Stepmoms wondering what their place is, those who have lost a mother and are faced with grieving on Mother’s Day, those overwhelmed with pain from the loss of a child, and during the pandemic are those who were not able to hold their child, those who seek to give birth…I ask in the Name of Jesus, to grant them open wombs and all for Your Glory.

ABBA Father, to all Mothers I Present a ROSE…Representing who they are to You…a ROSE in Your eyes. The Bible says: Arise up and Call her Blessed; her husband also and he Praiseth her. Proverbs 31:28

May we see Your loving hand behind them and guiding them.
We pray for those mothers who fear they will run out of love
or time, or patience.
We ask You to bless them with Your own Special love.
We ask this in the Mighty Name of Jesus.

Prophetess Dr. Eleanor Nichols

Eye of God Deliverance Prayer Ministries


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